Long-Nan Natural Lacquer Museum

Archaeologist found wood bowl with red natural lacquer in China Hemudu which had been 7000 years. During the Shang and Cho dynasty , any food wares, construct, health-conscious, bamboo slips, boat and cart, bow and arrow, shield, musical instruments are all brushed by natural lacquer.Natural Lacquer which has been used for adhesive and coatings for more than 5000 years in China royalty and Japan is characterized by anticorrosive, acid-proof, alkali-resisting, insulation and damp proof, hence it's called ¡§king of coating¡¨.

Since 1921 year, Rhus succedanea var. dumoutieri had been bring into Taiwan because of good quantity and quality. At that time, it opened the Taiwan Natural Lacquer Industry for over 30 years prime time.

In 1956 year, Hsu A Long, the originator of Long-Nan CO., LTD, continued natural lacquer business from ancestors. In 1962 year, he established Long-Nan corporation, located in the beautiful city of Puli, that is famous for excellent technique and good quality of natural lacquer. All natural lacquer must be inspected by Long-Nan CO., LTD before exporting.

In 1996 year, Hsu Yu Fu, the CEO of Long-Nan CO., LTD, base on the mission for preserving the history of Taiwan Natural Lacquer, he decided to form Long-Nan Natural Lacquer Museum. Our company and museum, Long-Nan Co., LTD. & Long-Nan Natural Lacquer Museum, has been manufacturing and exporting the lacquer wares for almost half a century (fourth generations), and under strict inspection and quality control to provide an excellent blend of beauty, elegance, great design, and extraordinary lacquer wares .

There are over ten thousands of lacquer ware collections and all of them are culture treasures in Long-Nan Natural Lacquer Museum. Every year, not only Taiwan people but also many tourists come from all over the world to visit our museum.

Long-Nan Natural Lacquer museum has been broadcasted by international media for it can be representative of Taiwan Natural Lacquer History. Besides exhibition and lacquer wares DIY painting, Long-Nan museum keeps on designing art of lacquer and developing natural lacquer products. For example, seeds of natural lacquer can be used as coffee without caffeine and the flowers of natural lacquer can be manufactured for wine. Also, natural lacquer can brush musical instrument and will make sound best. Since 2003 year, international research team of Biochemical Science and Technology has been analyzing the natural lacquer in Puli has two antioxidative and cytotoxic compounds against five cancer cell lines. In 2002 year, Long-Nan Natural Lacquer Museum had held international meeting to announce this analysis. In 2003 year, the new finding had been reported by ACS (American Chemical Society) Journal of Natural Products. The continued research will contribute to new progress of biochemistry by NTU biochemical researcher in this year 2008. For all of these good advantages of Natural Lacquer, our museum will try our best letting everyone know them. To continue Taiwan Natural Lacquer History and provide excellent blend of beauty, elegance, great design, and extraordinary lacquer wares are our mission.

Welcome to visit Long-Nan Natural Lacquer Museum.

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